5 Reasons Why Stucco Makes Sense in the Southwest

stucco repairIf you’re living in the Southwest region of the United States, you are probably familiar with stucco coating on the local homes. Stucco is a mixture of marble in powder form, glue and dehydrated lime that provides weather-resistant coating on homes. From a distance, a stucco exterior may seem like a typical Southwestern style of housing, but stucco also offers several practical benefits to homes in a desert climate. 

Energy Efficient

One of the great things about stucco homes, especially in a desert climate, is their ability to enclose either warmth or coolness during the changing seasons. Because of the shell-like exterior, stucco homes require much less energy during hot or cold months. Stucco is designed to do well in desert climates, like found here in Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico, where there is little moisture.

An Inexpensive Alternative

Stucco coating is a great investment for homeowners in the Southwest region of the United States. The coating provides great durability which cuts down repair costs for you. It has a long life in terms of maintenance – lasting as long as 50 years in some cases! But when you do need to repair a portion of your stucco coating, the process is simple for professionals like Atlas Home Repair, and can be done in a timely fashion.

Color and Texture Options

A common misconception about stucco exteriors is that they all look the same. In reality, you do get a say on color and texture patterns when you choose to stucco your home. So not only are you able to reap the practical benefits of the stucco coating, but can appreciate and alter the aesthetic value as well. For homes built in the Southwest style, stucco can be a nice complement to the other architectural features such as vigas, corbels, and nichos.

The benefits of stucco coating on homes in the Southwest are great. You are able to save money on repairs as well as the utilities it would take to heat and cool your home. It’s also possible to incorporate personal style with the ability to choose different colors and textures for the exterior of your home. If you are interested in stucco coating, or have questions regarding repairing stucco on your home, contact Atlas Home Repair at (575) 522-0697 or visit http://atlashomerepair.com/services for more information.