Seasonal Home Maintenance: Summer

Atlas Home Repair - Summer Repairs - Seasonal Home MaintenanceSummer is here, and that means stifling heat, cranking up the air conditioning, and the arrival of summer storms. While spring may be a great time to reorganize and clean, summer is the perfect season to make sure that your house is in top shape and smoothly running. Here are several seasonal home maintenance tasks that you can tackle this summer.

Inspect Roof, Skylights, and Gutters

Don’t climb up on the roof yourself if you are uncomfortable doing this. Some major roofing issues, such as shifted shingles, can be spotted with the naked eye, but you are much more likely to have trouble spots located through a professional roof inspection. An inspector can quickly tell you if there are problems with your roof, skylights, or gutters that could result in costly leaks and repairs further down the road.

Clean and Inspect Windows

Leaking around windows cannot only cause damage to your home but will also make your home less energy-efficient. A tight seal is the best way to keep cool air inside and warm air where it belongs. Clean all of your home’s windows and consider having them inspected to identify leaks and areas where the weather seal has been compromised.

Service A/C System

Keeping an air conditioning system serviced is the best way to prolong its life and make sure that it is providing you with the best performance. You can change the filter, check the drain pans, inspect hoses for leaks yourself. However, if you suspect that the A/C system needs a more thorough maintenance, be sure to employ the services of a professional.

Check Exterior of Home for Peeling Paint

Walk around the exterior of your home and look for trouble spots with both the structure and the paint. Winter weather can take its toll on buildings, and all homes need to be repainted at some point to protect them from the elements. Also, if you have a deck on your home, now is a good time to inspect and re-stain or reseal it if necessary.

As you prepare your home for summer, it helps to have a professional that you can turn to with questions and concerns about seasonable home maintenance. Contact Atlas Home Repair with any questions or to call us at (575) 522-0697 to talk with one of our experts about your seasonal home maintenance and repair needs!