Signs Its Time to Fix Your Roof

repairing flat roofs One of the staples that characterize a Southwestern home is its flat, pueblo style roof. This style is fairly accessible for safe inspection and maintenance. However, flat roofs are easily susceptible to damage due to the extreme heat, high winds, and the heavy rainfalls that are typical during the spring and summer months. Frequent inspection of your roof can help prevent damaged areas from worsening, as well as prevent new damage from occurring. Here are some signs of damage to check for regularly to determine whether your roof needs repairing or replacing.

Inspect Your Roof For Water Damage From the Outside and Inside

Walk along the top of your roof, paying attention to how it feels underfoot. If there are areas where it’s spongy, caved in in the middle, or sagging, water damage has occurred. Pools of water that stand for over 48 hours after rainfall will result in water penetrating the roof and leaking through the ceiling. Bubbles on the inside ceiling, discolored spots, and leaking are also a sign of water damage. This must be repaired before the condition worsens.

Inspect Your Roof For Wind and Sun Damage

The scorching heat of the Southwest summer has a drying out effect on the flashing, a substance used to seal off adjacent surfaces against moisture. Cracks or holes in the flashing are a warning sign of needing a roof repair. Inspection of the parapet is necessary to ensure that the sun’s rays have not worn away the surface. The high springtime winds are capable of blowing off the coating on your roof, causing it to be susceptible to water damage, as well as blowing damaging debris onto the roof. Debris and clogged gutters can cause water to pool, increasing the risk of water damage.

Inspect Previous Repair Jobs

If your flat roof is over ten years old, and you find yourself continually re-tarring and re-patching leaks, this may be a sign that it is time for a new roof. If the flashing is failing to prevent water from seeping in through the joints consulting a professional for a repair job or new roof is worth considering.

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