What it Means to be a Certified KM Coating Applicator

In a state like New Mexico, roofs differ from other parts of the country. People have been building flat roofs in this region for centuries. The roof style is a part of the architecture and are somewhat more resistant to heat and sunlight than pitched roofs. Still, flat roofs aren’t without their problems. Advanced roofing materials, like KM Coatings, can add both efficiencies and extend the life of just about any roof, but these coatings are specialized and require experts to apply them correctly. It is essential for you to search out a Certified KM Coatings Applicator to do the job properly.

KM Coatings

KM Coatings are generally known as “cool roofs” or “white coatings.”  They are a white coating that is applied to the roof that provide several benefits. This material can extend the lifetime of the roof by decades. Also, the bright white color of the coating acts a reflector of solar radiation, which not only lowers air conditioning costs but also assists in keeping your HVAC system running longer as well.

Certified KM Coatings Applicator

Just adding a coating to a flat roof won’t solve issues or garner savings in and of itself. A licensed contractor who understands flat roofs needs to be hired to do this work, particularly someone who is a Certified KM CoatingsApplicator, like Atlas Home Repair. This specialist will understand the issues that come with flat roofs and undertake any needed repairs before professionally applying the elastomeric coating to your roof. Because this is a specialized application, professional roofing contractors who have been trained by the manufacturer should be employed for this type of project. Improper application can determine both the effectiveness and lifespan of the coating.

KM Coatings can be applied over an existing smooth surface or granulated built up roofs, spray polyurethane and single-ply roofing materials, and modified bitumen roofs.

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