What to Do When Your Skylight Breaks

atlas home repair fixes broken skylightsIf you have skylights in your home, you are likely to be familiar with their benefits. They provide increased natural lighting, beauty and value to your space. But, living in an area that is prone to severe weather can make skylights risky as well.  A broken or leaky skylight can be frustrating for homeowners who don’t know where to turn for help. Here are several things you need to know about skylight damage:

Skylight Safety

If you have skylights in your home are aware of an incoming storm, never stand near or beneath them. Another safety precaution you should be taking is while attempting to inspect or repair your own skylight. Hiring a professional to do these tasks is a much safer option.

Preventing Skylight Damage

If you know that severe weather is on the way, covering your skylights may be one of the best ways to prevent damage. Tarps, blankets or large boards can be used to fend off the damage from hail and high winds. Although some skylight material is more durable than others, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of covering your skylights before storms anyway.

Skylight Damage Repair and Replacement

If happen to have a broken or damaged skylight, carefully consider your repair and replacement options. Both polycarbonate and acrylic skylight material is much more durable than glass. Acrylic is the most economical while polycarbonate is the most durable. If you wish to stay with a glass skylight, you can make it stronger by adding a layer of protective film to it and even more so if you use double pane glass. Again, hiring a professional to do these tasks is always the better route to take.

Skylight Inspections

A properly installed skylight will be much more durable than one that isn’t. Different types of skylights are made for various types of roofs, and it’s never a good idea to attempt repairing or installing your own skylight. As these can be a common source of leaks, you may wish to have your skylights inspected periodically by a professional before the rainy season starts.

Having skylights in your home is an excellent way to open up the space and make it appear brighter. Yet, severe weather like hail can wreak havoc with skylights if not properly installed or protected. Watch out for severe weather and take the proper precautions to reduce your chances of skylight damage. Make sure to have skylight damage inspected and repaired promptly to prevent any further issues with your home.

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