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Your Roof Is Leaking-What Do You Do

No one likes discovering dripping water from the ceiling after a rainstorm. Obnoxious dripping only means one thing: a leaky roof. Once a leak has occurred, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid severe and pricey damage. Atlas knows that your busy schedule can conflict with getting the problem fixed in a

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Signs Its Time to Fix Your Roof

One of the staples that characterize a Southwestern home is its flat, pueblo style roof. This style is fairly accessible for safe inspection and maintenance. However, flat roofs are easily susceptible to damage due to the extreme heat, high winds, and the heavy rainfalls that are typical during the spring and summer months. Frequent inspection

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Seasonal Home Maintenance: Summer

Summer is here, and that means stifling heat, cranking up the air conditioning, and the arrival of summer storms. While spring may be a great time to reorganize and clean, summer is the perfect season to make sure that your house is in top shape and smoothly running. Here are several seasonal home maintenance tasks

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